Visual & Performing Arts

two students painting in art class


Orchard Elementary students visit the art room once a week where they learn about the Elements of Art and Principles of Design through a variety of visual art projects.

An important goal is building each child’s confidence and skills in working with a variety of art media.  Students engage in hands on experiences of producing works of art while applying acquired concepts and skills.

When you enter Orchard you will see student art on display throughout our school.


The mission of the Richland School District Music Department is to advance Music Education by encouraging the study and making of music by all.  Music encourages us to become critical thinkers, passionate learners and compassionate members of our society.  Through Music, we can preserve our cultural heritages, explore new realms of expression, imagination and gain new knowledge.

I use the National Coalition for Core Arts Standards as my guide in designing meaningful and engaging Music activities, as defined by the K-12 Music Standards and Resources of the Richland School District.

My goal for each student is to experience Music through…

  • Singing, playing on instruments, and moving
  • Listening and evaluating
  • Performing and creating
  • Reading and writing