Leadership Club

Orchard's Leadership Club is a great way to be involved with your school, meet new friends, and practice leadership skills. We usually plan a school-wide social and participate in different service projects to help our school and community.

Any 4th or 5th Grader at Orchard is able to apply and participate. Some time out of class may be needed to participate.  Students and parents will be expected to regularly read email announcements regarding meeting dates and  opportunities to help.

Leadership Club will meet with Mrs. Scherer and Mrs. Fox about once a month before school to help plan events and activities for Orchard students.  Occasionally we may meet during lunch or after school, depending on the need.

Students applying for leadership club must have good attendance, return homework, display positive citizenship, and demonstrate a desire to represent their classmate’s opinions.  Students should remember that participation in the club is a privilege, and failure to maintain the above could result in removal from the Leadership Club.