Where can a little bit of money and a little bit of time produce a better community, a better school and a better child? The PTO, of course! Join Today! Get Involved and Help Your Child Succeed! When parents get involved in their children’s education, it pays off! Research shows that children whose parents are actively involved are MORE likely to: 

  • Earn higher grades and test scores 

  • Adapt well at school 

  •  Attend school regularly 

  • Have better social skills 

  • Show improved behavior 

  • Graduate and go to college 

The PTO is a community-based organization which has a strong commitment to providing support for our students and staff, through student enrichment activities, fundraising, and increased parent/community involvement in all aspects of the school program. 

The success of the PTO is directly related to the efforts of the volunteers in the organization. All parents and staff members are encouraged to become members. Contact one of the PTO officers listed below to find out how to join and get involved. Watch the PTO and school calendars for dates and times of meetings and special activities. 

Please register your contact details and volunteer interests on our blog and ‘like’ Orchard Elementary PTO on Facebook to keep up to date with our current events and activities. 

Orchard PTO Executive Board 2022-23


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Danica Garcia

Vice Presidents
Eileen Harbertson
Shelly Owens


Laura Clemens

Assistant Secretary
Jenna Bensussen